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Our Facilities

Sonar Cinema is exclusively based in the LT1 lecture theatre of Solent University in Southampton. Unlike a regular lecture theatre, LT1 is kitted out with Dolby’s cutting edge ‘Atmos’ sound system. Whereas most cinemas might feel pretty good about their 7.1 surround systems, the Dolby Atmos system boasts a breathtaking 17.1.8 speaker layout.

This as you can imagine gives a much more immersive sonic experience, as it brings with it an entirely new way of designing cinematic audio. There are only a handful of universities in the world that have this system, and we were the first institution of any kind to install Dolby Atmos in the South of England.

It’s not all about the sound however! At Sonar Film we have an equally state of the art Barco 2K Digital Cinema Projector, capable of both 2D and 3D projection using our Xpand 3D system. With the combined firepower of our projector and 30 JBL speakers, we don’t just show new-release films!

In the projection room there is also an Atmos capable gaming computer with Steam, PS3, Xbox360 and the ever popular Nintendo Wii! – All of which can be deployed for a range of gaming tournament evenings, or events in affiliation with Solent Students’ Union.

The LT1 space isn’t all about fun and games, however! By using the MacPro Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation wired into the room, students can mix and master audio for cinema in Atmos, from the middle of the auditorium itself. This is invaluable as a learning tool, as it is very rare for students to have free use of such a facility for the relevant courses that the university offers.